Sundae Sundae ...a seaside store...

We sell an amazing selection of fantastic English ice creams, lollies, irresistible chocolates and sensational sweets in our 'ice cream delicatessen'... a range of seaside buckets, proper spades and good beach toys...also retro seaside vintage crockery and furniture for beach hut or home...

Opening times vary with the seasons so check the 'open and closed' sign on our door!

Sundae Sundae
Welcome to your official stockist and server of @mrfitzpatricks vintage cordials, harking back to the days of tempe…
Sundae Sundae
@CHEWlettPR Hope it went down a treat🤓
Sundae Sundae
@kentpolicecbury Have reported online
Sundae Sundae
@kentpolicecbury known locally as ‘Rocket’ stole from us last week and tried again today, we have his address…
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